Our SEO Services To Grow Your Business Online

We believe in producing the best possible output for our clients to turn their businesses into successful enterprise online. Our skilled & experienced SEO team has in-depth knowledge about the, market, the competition and that’s why we are positive with our online marketing strategies and dedicated search engine optimization services in India.



We analyze thoroughly & make your website search engine friendly.


We evaluate your competition and then step up our game to take your website to the top.


What does the targeted audience search for? understand that and choose the keywords accordingly.


Our On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques are dedicated to get you the desired traffic.


10 LEAD GENERATION Our engaging content strategies and right techniques will reduce the bounce rate and generates leads.


Our SEO techniques and tricks get you the desired rank in a short amount of time


We manage to build your online reputation by maintaining proper content and providing appropriate results to users.


Provide proper report of your website ranking and traffic in order to maintain transparency with our clients.


What does the targeted audience search for? understand that and choose the keywords accordingly.

Why Cogent?
Why Hire us as your SEO Company​

With our White Hat SEO services and latest search engine updates, we ensure that you will soon see your
website getting ranked up on the search engine, which in turn will drive traffic to your website

Our Strategies

With our On-page and Off-page SEO techniques, together with great content, we will ensure that your website gets the best ranking

On Page Analysis

Website require a comprehensive Onpage Audit /Revision including meta tags, site content (to check duplicate content as it is highly avoided by Search Engines), URL structure, canonical, pagination issues , various sitemap creation & Issues and including the same in robots.txt file for faster crawling and indexing, creating semantic markup codes for better CTR.

Keywords Selection

For keywords we opt to target on website/pages/categories, content that is present on the website pages needs to be tweaked to fit in keywords in Heading tags and paragraph. Also, the Meta tags need to be written accordingly. We may require writing content afresh.

Webmaster Audit

A. Correct version submission.
B. Webmaster Tools Audit
C. Linking the Webmasters Tool and Google Analytics Account to get the Search Queries in the GA account.
D. Dealing with all the messages or notifications in the “Site Messages” section.
E. Checking and rectifying “ Html Improvement” section.
F. Checking “Search Analytics” section for any fall in impressions and clicks.

Build Links

For link building, we will use the techniques as said below in “Off Page Strategy” and mainly focus on branded anchor text or raw URL more but not limited to target keywords. To lay emphasis on the target keywords we will be doing internal linking.

Why SEO?
Importance of Search Engine Optimization for your business

This is the era of technology and one, which is changing continuously. In order to grow, a business needs to be visible. That is exactly where comes into picture. We help you increase your visibility through our search engine optimzation (SEO) services with customized SEO plans depending on the requirement of your business. Below mentioned are the basic services we provide our clients.

Website Auditing:

There are different kinds of services we provide in our search engine optimization process and one of them is website auditing. In this, we go through your complete website, after the check up of your website, we make you aware of all the loopholes and glitches in your website. Then we make the necessary tweaks to make your website SEO friendly. Despite being a basic job, website audit is one of the most significant elements that helps in bringing your website on the top and in turn making your business a success.

On-Page SEO Service:

On-site SEO revolves around the solutions offered from the audit. Here, all the post audit changes are made according to the requirements of the website. After On-Page optimization, website becomes easily readable by search engines. On-Page SEO have direct bearing on website ranking. In On-page optimization, we define all the keywords, which are business related and then, according to it we set web page links. We select few keywords for the business and then with these keywords we develop the whole content. There are various components of On-Site SEO such as Meta keywords, Meta description or Meta titles. We use them to increase the visibility of your business. So, we set these components according to the need of the page. The content is designed by using tags and similar tags are used to define images. These On-Page SEO changes make it easy for search engine crawler to read pages and in return they index these pages faster. Any website’s quality can be improved by using quality load timing, crawling and SEO friendly tools along with good quality content. We at do just that.

Off-Page SEO Services:

Domain Authority and ranking of your website is also increased by using the link juice on the website and for this we use Off-Page SEO from our arsenal. We create a backlink of your website from other websites, which in return enhances visibility of your website. The links which we make in off-page SEO techniques are of the finest quality. In order to form such links, we use plenty of technique. Being a leading SEO company, leave no stone unturned in order to achieve the best results for your website. Our backlinks will lead your website to faster rank gains. We do not believe in numbers; our focus is to get quality results for our clients. One of the other advantages of using our services is that the rankings are not only achieved quick but are also long lasting. In Off-page SEO process, we do social bookmarking, business listing, web 2.0, image sharing, profile linking, brand listing, video sharing, RSS feed, content publishing, blog commenting, classified ads, blog post, competitor analysis and much more.

These backlinks play an important role in Off-page SEO and we are determined to get ample amount of quality back link for our clients. By using our off-page SEO technique, we help our clients grow faster in this dynamic environment and help them stay ahead of their competitors.

SEO Services for Code Optimization:

One thing is common amongst all the SEO service providers in India, which is that they provide SEO services along with Off-page and On-Page SEO services. But what they don’t do is code optimization that is one notch ahead of such practices. Code optimization is about coding and includes making changes in coding so that the search engine algorithm gets what it wants. It also reduces the load time of the website and it increases the traffic to your website while making it more responsive.

So don’t waste your precious time and contact us to get your SEO services in India sorted for us.